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Californication tv serie February 21, 2008

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Brand new tv serie, it’s called californication with David Duchovny. Before you view it, just beware the main topic is sex in a world of “no taboo” ;-). But it’s not porn at all. Big laugh ahead.

Thanks to the producer of “24”.

If it’s not on your screens yet you can find it there : http://streamingseries.oldiblog.com/?page=lastarticle&id=1825876

Pub Saint-Germain in Paris January 20, 2008

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Happens to me to discover that amazing pub in Paris last week.

From the outside it doesn’t look better than any pub, basically a nice wooden wall, but as you step inside you can feel the difference. A waiter is welcoming you to make you sit wherever you feel will be best for you. That place reveals its strong identity: the ambiance has been thought in depth with a chill-out lounge music as well as the decoration. On a corner you can find a buddha statue with candles, the wooden collumns and part of the walls are still there, but all nice and clean, the lights have all been choosen carefully. Even the 3 rd floor where you can find the toilets, have to be seen.

To sum up, this pub is a true experience of ambiance, music and hedonism. A must see in Paris!

Nespresso, 2008! December 3, 2007

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Saw the first one, wouldn’t miss the second.

Culture pub, back online! December 3, 2007

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As you may have heard, culture pub, the famous french tv show about advertising is back online this time!

Go there : culture pub

7sky experience December 3, 2007

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Happened to me and a few colleagues to work on marketing mandate of a publishing company. This company is named 7sky publishing.

We have been invited in Zurich for their main event, occuring in a club. The idea was to make people of the “7sky family” experience the new magazine just being released. It was fantastic. The event was a partnership with Swatch (the famous swiss watch brand), it occured at the Qclub in Zurich. There was a great decoration and the music was particularly well chosen. The whole athmosphere was special, through the dinner, the different shows (from classical to rock and clubbing).

Even Justin Nozuka, the brand new singer from Canada was on stage for an hour. If you do want to get a little bit of this ambiance….there is nothing else you can do than going to this website :



and enjoy the soundtracks that convey the Emotion…

Internship seeking November 8, 2007

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Dear everyone,  as you might have read I’m still studying in the fields of marketing – communication – advertising and PR. From march to june 2008, i’m seeking an internship position, either in advertising agencies on the account or planning side or in a multimédia – new tech company in the marketing – communication department in Switzerland or abroad.

Therefore if you or anyone or your entourage could lead to something, feel free to let me know.


Political advertising campaign in Switzerland ? October 13, 2007

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Everyone of us who saw the new political print campaign in Switzerland aiming for the votations in a few days could have thought (staring at the ads) :

are those differents ads helping me choose which party am I going to vote for ?

It’s not new that the swiss politic has a very little idea how to communicate and sell themselves. As being young, I still find myself parted when I recieve my votation mail, I don’t feel like reading those 30 pages (if not more) written in police 8, explaining the pros and cons of the whole situation, leading eventually the reader to made up his mind.

To sum up the swiss politic parties and the politic in general in switzerland needs to think twice who they’re targetting, and think of the youth as well, because in any case the future remains in the hand of the youth, therefore it’s more than relevant to get to know how to communicate them efficiently.

Press marketing – experience October 2, 2007

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Switzerland is the country which is one of the richest market regarding press. There are over 1’500 titles. (for only 7 million people)

Last workshop done during from may to july has been a whole marketing analysis of a swiss glide magazine.

The aim of those 2 month analysis was to provide recommendations based on interviews done in the field. (Qualitative interviews) Assuring that the magazine postionning was meeting the previous expectations. We also done a notoriety test.

It was hard work to build everything, to make sure that the interviews were open enough making people speak their mind and reveal us their true feeling towards the magazine.

Interviews of potential readers as well as media agencies and clients, came up to be very enriching, we digged deep and were able to analysis the cons and pros.

Everything bad is good for you October 2, 2007

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Just finish reading this book, which tries to justify that watching tv and playing online games nowadays isn’t as bad as we think. Examples such as the 24 tv series or computer games which aren’t as mindless than usuals “shoot them up” or boring series which people were used to in the 1980’s. Nowadays tv serie such as 24 makes you follow the story very tight and if you loose an episode, you feel lost.

Other examples towards the reflection that people need to have aiming for a specific quest playing games such as World of Warcraft, is a lot more demanding than shoot them up games.

To sum up, this book provides good examples, although you need to select the chapters that interest you. Some reflections can go a bit too far from my point of view…


99 francs – saw it! September 27, 2007

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Last night (wednesday the 26th) i went to see the movie with a couples of colleagues. I was meant see it anyway… . Well i had a great time, this sarcastic and politically incorrect tone is very enjoyable although being sometimes borderline. The main character Jean Dujardin is very charismatic and suits perfectly the book character. There is a  few differences from the book story, but its very similar and well adapted in general. Being in the advertising – marketing field, i really enjoyed the lots of winks you will get surprised and laugh a lot. I would recommend anyone from the field to see it.


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